Mountain Province Diamonds Announces Production and Sales Results

Mountain Province Diamonds has announced production and sales results for Q4 and 2022 from the Gahcho Kué Diamond Mine.

According to Rough & Polished, during Q4, 1,621,800 carats were recovered. For the full year 2022, 5.52 million carats were recovered (less than the guidance of 5.60 – 5.80 million carats). In 2022, approximately 2.7 million carats were sold at an average value of $112 per carat for total proceeds of $297.3 million. This is compared to 3.2 million carats sold at an average value of US $75 per carat for total proceeds of US 236.9 million in FY 2021.
“After a very challenging start to the year, primarily due to a spike in Covid cases at the Gk Mine, a detailed recovery plan was developed and executed resulting in quarter-over-quarter improvement through 2022 [.] We now enter the 2023 cold weather and ice road resupply season with good momentum and a backdrop of a resilient rough diamond market” Mark Wall, the company’s President, and CEO, commented.

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